Friday, May 1, 2009

USS Kidd (DD-661) & HMS Ajax

USS Kidd (DD-661)

Built at Federal Shipbuilding & Dry-dock Company of Kearny, New Jersey, KIDD was one of four destroyers [USS BULLARD (DD-660), USS THORN (DD-647), and USS TURNER (DD-648)] launched on February 28, 1943 in a record-breaking fourteen minutes. Mrs. Inez Kidd, widow of RADM Kidd, served as the ship's sponsor, christening her and presenting her crew with a handsome wardroom guest book in which she wrote: "May the destiny of the USS KIDD be glorious! May her victories be triumphant and conclusive!"...


HMS Ajax

Was built by Vickers Armstrong at barrow and launched 1st march 1934 and completed 12th April 1935. HMS Ajax served in the South Atlantic 1939, taking a major role in the battle of the River Plate against the Graf Spee, going to the Mediterranean fleet 1940 - 1942, became part of Force H before going for refit in the United states 1943, returning to the Mediterranean Fleet 1943 till the end of the war. HMS Ajax was finally scrapped at Newport November 1949.

Two drawings executed in ink on paper.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Miniature collection

A collection of miniatures on a scale of 1:1200 ships, aircraft from the Peter Tamm museum.
I show a few pictures that I made during my visit to this wonderful museum in 2002.
In the collection of about 30.000 models of the ships in this scale.
Some photos show models made of cardboard R. Weiss.
Today this collection is part of the Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg -