Monday, November 17, 2014

IJN Oyodo, 1942

Model light cruiser IJN Oyodo performed as a diorama in scale 1/700.
When constructing the model used additional sets photoetching and other details.
The model is constructed in accordance with the drawings and description of the original belonging to the early period to 1942. Basis of difference - the presence of 40-m for the aircraft catapult on the stern of the ship. After upgrading it removed and replaced with a short. This is what makes an unusual and rare model.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Russian cruiser II-rang "Zhemchug", 1904.

Russian-japanese war (1904-1905) 
Not a goot model from KOMBRIG... 
Resin kit 1:700 + a great many alterations and redesign for drawings and photographs of the original.

The model sold in a private collection.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

USS Baltimore (CA-68), 1943.

Model of American heavy cruiser USS Baltimore (CA-68) built from Trumpeter recruitment firm in scale 1/700. The model is built on the waterline and a diorama - the ship on the water. When constructing the model I used drawings and monographs on this ship (Squadron, Profile Morskie).
Showcase of Plexiglas - the classic version with wooden frames. 
Model size - 29 cm Size stands and showcases - 42x16x12,5 cm
Stand is made of wood , water -  modeling paste and acrylic.