Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Armoured cruiser "Rurik" (II)

Scratch built card model in 1:200 scale from great artist Igor Cherniak.
These photos from the first exhibition "Models of Ships" in NMM of Israel, 2004.
Model in author collection.

The Rurik (Рюрик) was an armoured cruiser built for the Imperial Russian Navy in 1906. She is unusual in that she was built by Vickers in Barrow in Furness, England. Laid down August 1905, launched 4 November 1906, completed July 1909. The Russian Navy was not usually a customer of British shipyards. She is named in honour of Rurik, the semi-legendary founder of ancient Russia. Unlike her previous namesake, Rurik (1892), she has been described as one of the best armoured cruisers built with advanced sprinkler protection for the magazines. She was designed by KA Tennison and AP Titov and the contract was arranged by Basil Zaharoff. The ship had a prolonged work up while defects were rectified.
She was the flagship of the Baltic Fleet during World War I and saw much action, being damaged by mines on several occasions. Worn out by 1918 she was hulked and sold for scrapping in 1930.

Text: Wikipedia

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