Friday, August 10, 2012


The Sedco Express-class deepwater semisubmersible rigs are setting a new industry benchmark to meet the challenges of well construction in the 21st century. Transocean has delivered three of these "fifth-generation" units, the Sedco Express, Cajun Expressand Sedco Energy.

Year Built: 2000
Length x Breadth: 106 m X 69 m
Gross Tonnage: 24175, DeadWeight: 0 t
Speed recorded (Max / Average): 78 / 78 knots

1:200 scratch build model in 3 copies.

The model is based on the original drawings submitted by the customer.
The base model is made of cardboard with different densities.
The paper will be used as plastic, wood (balsa), metal.


Anonymous said...

Its not Transocean who delivered this class rigs - its Sedco Forex.

Anonymous said...

and now they have been scrapped.