Sunday, November 13, 2016

USS Yorktown (CV-5)

1/700 scale
Rebuilding a core set of Tamiya. The paper used book Okrety Wojenne SN-№23 "Lotnikowce typu Yorktown vol.1"
Changes to the model variants of the ship in 1940. Completely redesigned gallery of anti aircraft machine guns, fencing. Added a few design elements. The ship is painted in a light gray color, which is used by the US Navy until 1941.
Aircraft models are presented Douglas TBD Devastator & Douglas SBD Dauntless
These sets of Trumpeter - and in the appropriate paint for the period of 1940. Figures sailors from the company North Star.

The model is sold with a showcase. Showcase of Plexiglas, with classic wooden frame.

Size windows with Stand - 50x20x17,5

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