Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fiat 3000 mod. 21 1a Serie

Tauro Models
1:35 Scale

The FIAT 3000 was a development of paramount importance in the history of the Italian Army. Born from the experiences of the World War, it entered in service only after the end of the war and was the first tank produced in quantity for the newly formed Tank Corp.
Following the use of the tanks on the Western Front, the Italian Headd Quaters decided to test this new and interesting means of war. Italy purchased from France two Schneider and three FT 17 tanks. After long trials it was decided to produce the Renault FT 17, because of it's good cross-country performance.
FIAT modified the original project, placing the engine crosswise the hull and augmenting the armour and the armament. This first series, represented in the actual model, entered service in 1921 and was followed, in 1930, by a second series with some improvements and armed with a 37 mm gun.
In the second half of the thirties the remaing tanks were improved and modernised. The last operational FIAT 3000 tanks were used at the beginning of the 2.nd World War; the last few were destroyed in Sicily during 1943.

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