Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vosper Fast Patrol Boat Perkasa

Tamyia`s a great high-quality model 1:72 scale.

Vosper & Company was a British shipbuilding firm founded in 1871 and came to specialize in small craft. During WWII, the company became well known for their motor torpedo boat designs. After the war, Vosper continued to develop small fast patrol craft, one of which was the Brave Class. These boats were equipped with 3 Bristol Proteus engines, which powered the boat to top speeds of over 50 knots. They were armed with one 40mm Bofors cannon, two 20mm Oerlikon cannons, and four torpedoes. The Perkasa was one of several Brave Class boats exported to the Royal Malaysian Navy.

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Anonymous said...

Valiant effort but the upside-down weathering treatment is bothersome. The topsides are streaked with copious rust and water/sea salt spray etc., but as one progressively views from main deck to the bottom of the hull, the weathering disappears on what should be the most weathered and worn part of the boat. This is a coastal naval vessel and even at sea, the crew would ensure the deck and superstructure would be well maintained as any rust allowed to form would be dealt with. The hull and hull sides would suffer most because of less access. Water is quite dirty and there'd be some barnacles/marine growth/slime and slight mooring damage and smudges along the hull or especially below the waterline. And to top if off: you've maintained the kit's shiny "gold plated" propellers. They should be a dark tarnished bronze. Incidentally, the original boats were constructed of glued wooden construction with aluminum upper works so rust is out of place except on a few steel fittings.